> President Ahmadinejad’s comments at the U.N. conference were inappropriate and insensitive. Way to greaten the stigma toward the middle east, yeah? On the other hand, I hear Iran catered the event and it was full of wonderful breads, rice, and lamb dishes. Mm sounds exquisite.

> A few days ago my FH left for me a bag of chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies. I’m sure they were a gift to him because there’s no way he would go to the mall just for Mrs. Fields. Although he has more of a football appetite (wings, chips, etc.), I was suprised he didn’t finish them himself because I thought they were his favorite type of cookie. I bought him a tin full for Valentine’s day! He better have ate them! Anyway, the cookies were absolutely delicious. They are now my favorite.

> Today I made my annual membership contribution to NPR. For my donation I’m going to be recieving a number of nifty thank you gifts. I’ll be getting a KQED static sticker (like I’d really put that on my car), a News Week magazine subscription, a 25% off coupon to Charle’s Chocolates in San Francisco, a cd program for brain-fitness, and a book about food from different countries called “Around The World in 80 Diets”. I’ll be anxiously waiting for my package which, yup, can take up eight weeks to arrive!
>> I looked up Charle’s Chocolates online and honestly it didn’t look too appealing but you know what they say about life being like a box of chocolates. Oh, what’s ridiculous is the boxes are made of chocolate as well!
>> The brain-fitness program sounds interesting. It suppositely is proven to sharpen the mind. I’m for that.
>> I have a feeling the book is going to be pretty lame and a one-time read. The last books I’ve bought were “How to Boil Water” at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and the picture book “Show Me How 500” from Urban Outfitters. “Baby We Were Meant for Eachother” by Scott Simon is next on my interest list. It’s about his adoption of two little girls from China.

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